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Power Point skills

27 Aug

I know that I have varied interests and skills – one of them is putting together videos and collages.


In the past week, my power point skills were put to test at work. I was asked to prepare an accomplishment video loop, that continuously played for 30 minutes, in a company meeting attended by 200-250 employees. I only had 5 days to create it and content was coming in very slowly or it required further editing (if the manager was willing to edit it).

Overall, it was a success!


Accomplishment video loop, shown in 2 big screens

Do you know anyone who needs power point / video presentations? For a fee, I can do it for them.

Gift Giving: Handmade Tea Bags

5 Dec

I always wanted to participate in the annual Marin County employee craft fair. In the past, I sold dish gardens (See my past post  Flowers and Me) . This year, I made handmade herbal tea bags. An Ayurvedic blend with ingredients such as Fennel, Marshmallow root, Licorice root, Peppermint, Star anise and Lemon grass. This would be great as a holiday gift. I make the Ayurvedic Blend for myself and drink it daily, as recommended by my Ayurvedic doctor.

On the weekend that I was making my handmade tea bags, the central part of the Philippines (Tacloban) was devastated by a very powerful typhoon – Haiyan/Yolanda. I made 36 gift packs. I donated 2 of the gift packs to the craft fair raffle and sold the rest. I made a donation to help the victims of the typhoon and asked others do so too.

Here are pictures of my handmade tea bags. While I was making these, I dedicated my energy to the victims of the typhoon. I felt like doing this venture was like shooting several birds with one stone; (1) Do something I love, (2) Giving back to typhoon victims, and (3) My product contributes to ones health. Such a win-win situation! Yay!


I added more flavors and blends, and sell on-line:  –  Ayurvedic blend, Jasmine green tea, Pomegranate green tea, Licorice mint, Peppermint, and Chamomile.

“The race of mankind would perish did they cease to aid each other. We cannot exist without mutual help. All therefore that need aid have a right to ask it from their fellow-men; and no one who has the power of granting can refuse it without guilt.” — Sir Walter Scott (1771 – 1832)

If you would like to donate some money to the victims of Yolanda. I donate through this 501(c)3 non-profit organization annually and I gave some extra this year.

Certificate of Appreciation-10 years!

7 Jun

I received my 10 years of service certificate of appreciation yesterday (They gave me a bouquet of white roses too – BTW: My favorite roses are white roses). This is my longest employer.

We had a potluck luncheon to celebrate employees who had been in service longer than 10 years. We also had an informal ceremony of some sort. We had one volunteer (yes, you read that correctly – volunteer, as in received no pay) for 29 years. I was thinking that he must be independently wealthy. Is he?





Looking back, the last 10 years had its ups and downs. Mostly ups. Except last year, drama unexpectedly appeared in my Ruling Planet Uranus (my apologies for the attempt of astrology sarcasm). I planned to stay in this organization until I retire, but I did not plan to be in the same position for this long. I love being an “auditor” (okay, stop making fun of my career). People who know me personally, never guessed that, that’s what I do for a living.

Anyways, for now, I could not complain about work. It satisfied my requirements for company to work for: (1) An organization that has good benefits and a good retirement plan (2) An organization that gives back to the community and upholds family values (3) Congenial co-workers (4) Comfortable salary (5) Twenty to thirty minute commute (crossing the Golden Gate Bridge every day is a bonus!). I could add another requirement (6) Career Growth – but then, in retrospect, my position warped in many different directions and for each deviation, I learned new skills and met new friends.

All in all – Kudos!

Opportunity knocks

22 May


I have heard this phrase used so many times. I have a friend who associates the word “opportunity” as in manipulating people to do something. In thesaurus, other words to replace opportunity are – chance, occasion, opening, break, prospect. I did not put much thought about it until I began looking for opportunity. What is opportunity to me?

There is a movie by Dana Carvey “Opportunity Knocks”. When I Googled it, a website called showed up. At the Second City comedy revue in Chicago, they mocked “The Secret”. I guess the only people who laughed about it were the ones who actually have read the book/DVD and/or even know about the book. Opportunity and the law of attraction come hand in hand. Hmmmmm?


Knock Knock…. Who is there?

Should I answer it?

A new job, a new position, a new working environment? Why don’t I have the same urge to jump into this? Is it my age? Is it society that dictate: I am almost 50 and I need to start thinking of retirement? Is it the location? What inhibits my desire to have something new, something different? Is this a new calling?

Universe ... this is what I need!

Universe … this is what I need!

I do not know why I send out an SOS signal to the universe to help me find any opportunity, and when it knocked, I have so much hesitation, so many questions, and spent a lot of energy over analyzing how to go about dealing with it.

I realized that opportunity comes and goes. My reaction to opportunity depends on a particular need now. Opportunity could be in front of me but if I do not have a need for it, I will just have a staring competition with it.

I cried at work today ….

4 Apr



I totally did not expect to cry at work, especially when I just completed a seminar on emotional intelligence yesterday.

I sat in front of my manager and I was told that I deserve to be slapped with a work performance plan since I am not performing at a level they expect me to perform. What went wrong? Ten years ago, I was the newbie here at work and I sat in front of each of my staff to let them know of this same horrible situation.  Expectations changed and this is the new way of doing things from here on. Ten years fast forward, I am not good enough.  What a miserable invalidation of my capabilities and efforts.  To add to my wretched feelings, we had to define what success is, according to my manager’s expectations. I have yet to sit with another manager who will give me further invalidation. Bring it on, I said to myself, but then tears flowed out of my eyes. Fear of failure surrounded my body. When? How did I get here? … A disappointment.

It did not help that it was my first meeting of the day.  It was very hard to lift me up after that horrid meeting, plus I am waiting for one more blow later today. Thank goodness, it’s Thursday and I just have tomorrow to face another frustrating day.

For now I say to myself … God bless you on your journey.

Flowers and me

24 Mar



My passion: Arranging flowers give me so much joy. Time flies by quickly and I find myself humming while creating my arrangements. It gives me so much happiness when I see the smiles in people’s faces while admiring my creations. What an amazing way of receiving validation.

Projects: Most of my event projects were by word of mouth. I also sold some dish gardens at the annual Marin County Employee craft fair. I have dish gardens that are still thriving after 7 years without re-potting.

How I got started: The first time I started putting flowers together was in 1997, when my office at that time relocated from downtown Oakland to a building near the Oakland coliseum. We used to buy a bunch of flowers at the farmer’s market. A few of my co-workers and I missed having flowers at our desk. So I started putting bunches of flowers together and sold them to my co-workers. I sold 10 bunches a week. I did not have any profits but I had free flowers at my desk. On the same year, one of my friends got married and asked me to make the bridal party flowers, decorate the garden ceremony, the cake and reception hall. She paid for all the materials … but whoa! That was a big project for free labor all by myself! I was close to the bride and groom, so I figured that will be my wedding gift to them. That wedding project was a success! I did such a good job that when the parents of the bride and groom found out that I did it for free they insisted to give me $500 for a wonderful job done. That year, I created Flower Arrangements by Margie – my side business that satisfies my love for flowers/plants and everything that comes with it.

What’s your passion?

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